Chitrakot waterfalls on Indravati River You have never heard about Chattishgarh ? Not surprising. This State of the Indian Union has been created in November 2000 only. Previously, this remote area of central India was the eastern part of Madhya Pradesh. Chattishgarh covers 135000 square kilometers; Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra form the western border, Andhra Pradesh the southern, Orissa the south-eastern and Jarkhand (former south Bihar) the north-eastern. About twenty tribes contribute to the third of the population which is estimated to 18 million people. It's a region where the density of population is among the lowest in India; there are plenty of forests and large nearly empty areas. Since Madhya Pradesh suffers a bad but justified reputation about the road network, one could think that the far-eastern part was still worst. But it's not the case. Since Chattishgarh has been promoted as a separate State entity, a lot of efforts have started in order to modernize roads and infrastructures. In addition, if one considers that local people, may be because they have not been corrupted by mass tourism yet, are kind and welcoming, that touristic spots are really enjoying ones and that Nature is beautiful and not so polluted as in other parts of the country, there is no reason not to go to Chattishgarh, as soon as possible.


Places to visit in Chattishgarh have been presented as follows :

Jagdalpur and its region, also gathers Dantewada, Barsur, Chittrakot, Bastar and Narayanpal.

Raipur and its region also gathers Sirpur, Arang, Ranjim, Bhoramdeo, and the Kanker township.


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