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India, travels to the country
of 330 million gods

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The cow is highly respected in India; people respect her and give her ornaments for 
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This is a web site where nothing is for sale. The original site is in French. But we are aware that a lot of persons would like to enjoy a virtual trip to this beautiful country of India. This is why the very numerous pictures display a double caption, in French and in English, so that you may get the basic information. Proper indication is also given to help the visitor. Furthermore, the browsing throughout the site is made easy thanks to english benchmarks.

The pictures presented are original pictures of the author; they come from Indian regions and Nepal (Kathmandu valley). They may be considered as a useful visual support to prepare oneself before going to these countries.

Travelling is an initiation : one has to prepare a long time before. So, when the departure day comes, one enjoys best the true taste of new things.

We have deliberately given a cultural orientation to this web site. For instance, a big share is afforded to hindu temples. We consider that their refined and complex pattern, the deities which adorns walls and shrines, constitute one of the utmost expression of human genious. For more than ten centuries; India has been sacked, pillaged, first by invadors coming from north-west neighbouring countries, second by a colonial imperialism which looked to be civilized but nevertheless acted with an extreme crualty. India only preserves a small part of her most ancien heritage, and of her past plundered richness. Invadors, whoever they have been, adopted mass destruction methods. By force, they have converted local people to their own religion, so adverse to the thousand-years old indian culture.

As already explained, this web site expects to be an help to prepare a travel to India and, simultaneously, it aims to give testimony of wonderful ancient monuments and their divine statues throughout the country. As long as they survive...

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