Unfortunately, Gujarat does not benefit the best fame as a touristic destination. Lodging resources are believed to be very limited, but is it necessary to find a five-star palace wherever one goes ? Distances between cities are believed to be too long; right, but highways are rather good; we cannot state the same for every part of the country...

To crown all, the western part of Gujarat has been destroyed in 2001 by a tremendous earthquake which officially resulted 20,000 victims, although unofficial report 150,000...

So, tell me, why to go to Gujarat ?

Maybe several good reasons :

 It's a natural extension of a travel to South Rajasthan. When one is in Mount Abu or Udaipur, Gujarat is not so far. In addition, Baroda is not at a long distance if the travel starts from Mumbay
 Several major sites are available : Palitana, Modhera, Junagadh, etc.
 This region is not invaded by foreign tourists yet !!


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