Important notice : The places to visit in Karnataka have been gathered as indicated below :

In Badami and surroundings, one will find Mahakuta and Banashankari too.
Important : Aihole and Pattadakal, although near from Badami, have a particular page, since they are important locations

Bangalore and its region groups, alonside the capital city of the Karnataka State, the cities of Kolar and Mulgabal, on the highway to Chennai (Madras).

In Belur and surroundings, one will also see some near locations as Doddagadavahalli, Marle, Belavadi, Jyavagal, Arsikere and, further, Nuggihalli.
Important : the major site of Halebid , although very near from Belur, is presented on a particular page, since it's a very important place.

In Hampi region, have been grouped some locations sometimes far from each other; nevertheless, they can be visited from Hampi/Hospet, or from Hubli. To the west direction ,there are Kukkanur, Ittagi, Gadag, Lakkundi, Dambal, Haveri, Kaginelli, Bankapur. To the south direction, one will find Sandur, Chitradurga and Hiriyur. To the south-west is Harihara.

In Mysore and surroundings, one will find Somnathpur, Chamundi Hill, Srirangapatnam, Brindavan and Nanjangud.


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Attention. In Karnataka, we go visiting places which require from us a lot of attention, because of the cultural context. Like in Tamil Nadu, many ancient places, mostly temples, are included in any circuit. For that, we mention a lot of deity names and specific terms of indian architecture. To make things easier and to enjoy best the visit, you may get some help by clicking on the icon in order to read in the glossary the definition of the word which precedes this icon. This definition is found in the thin frame in the lower part of your screen.

For a tourist, Karnataka offers the most sumptuous visits. Ancient monuments, mainly temples, display, here, a kind of exuberance and an unequalled refinement. Go there and make yourself your opinion...

But, once again, like in Tamil Nadu, one has to accept to forget his own usual references and to watch for a while. Don't be in a hurry ! The hurried tourist will definitely not really enjoy the savour of these incredible temples where continuously vibrates the whole hindu life.

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