Une belle sculpture  Ellora Tourist guidebooks include Maharashtra in North India. I think this region is rather intermediate between North and South...

For a very long time, the long coastal area of Maharashtra has permitted trade exchanges with foreign countries, mainly Europe and Middle East. But Maharashtra stretches to wide inland distances, reaching Andhra Pradesh and eastern Madhya Pradesh. However, most places of touristic interest are located in the western part of this State. Main visiting locations are relatively far from each other. They are :

The State capital city, Bombay, which has been recently modified into Mumbay
The Ellora and Ajanta caves, in the region of Aurangabad
The holy city of Nasik, the nearby Pandulena caves and the famous pilgrimage to Triambakeshvar
Several other sites like Karla, Bhaja, between Mumbay and Poona, or Kanheri, in the same area

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