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Seen from the Kathmandu valley, the Himalaya range, like a dream in the distance Of course, as everybody knows, Nepal is not a part of India, not a State of the Indian Federation. Nepal is an independant State; more precisely, Nepal is a monarchy. However, in the traveller's mind, Nepal and India are often associated. May be because both countries are visited within the same trip ... For better reasons, we may also add that both countries have deep links and mutual economic and political concerns.

Moreover, we think that a web site about travels in India would be incomplete without a chapter on Nepal !!

Important : Those past years, the tourism activity, a very crucial sector for the economic balance of this country, has been deeply disturbed by internal political problems. The westerners, who look generally venturesome but actually timorous, are anxious because of the political troubles. The pro-mao guerilla strikes governmental forces and civil servants, mainly in west Nepal. On the other side, Kathmandu and most of the Kathmandu valley are well controlled and not prone to severe difficulties. But this atmosphere tends obviously to discourage many foreign visitors to come. Everybody is expecting peace and mutual arrangments from the pending talks between the Government and the rebels. Presently, do not avoid to go to Nepal ! It's a wonderful country and people need you to come.

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