Fishermen on Chilika Lake

Orissa seems to be a remote region... If we compare with destinations to which most foreign travellers are going, of course it's very far, several thousand kilometers. Never forget that India is more than a country, you might say it's a continent.

However, Orissa is really worthwhile to visit : superb temples displaying a particular kind of architecture, very extensive beaches, remote lakes, jungle, tribes uneasy to contact, old famous buddhist locations, etc. provide a lot of reasons to make Orissa a very valuable destination which should be more visited by tourists.


Places to visit in Orissa are presented as follows :

Considering the uttermost importance of the Bhubaneshvar city, a particular page is devoted to it. Therefore, the places to visit in the surroundings of the Bhubaneshvar city, i.e. the monastery caves of Udayagiri and Khandagiri, the Dhauli famous holy site and finally, the Yogini temple in Hirapur have been gathered in another page named "surroundings of Bhubaneshvar"

Puri and its surroundings presents the handicraftmen villages of Pippli and Raghurajpur, as well as the trip to Chilika Lake. However, the major Konarak site and its worldly renowned Sûrya temple is presented in another particular page.

Jeypore and its surroundings describes the Gupteshvar cave-temple.


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Link to maps of Orissa.

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