Rajasthan can be visited without any prior preparation to Indian culture. So that it can be considered as an easy destination and we strongly recommend to choose it for a first travel to India. Besides, most foreign visitors are going there...

There are many resons which explain why Rajasthan is the first tourist destination in India. Everything looks to combine in harmony to make an unforgettable journey : splendent desert sceneries overburden by sunshine, fortresses full of old-time stories and heroic battles, astonishingly gorgeous palaces, refined architectural style of ancient landlord houses, and local people, proud and welcoming. We could continue to describe all the assets of this country poor in natural ressources but highly attractive.

To complete the pleasure, all the places that Rajasthan offers to its visitor are so many... One may spend weeks to travel through this 342 239 km2 region, about 2/3 of the France surface. A lot of remote locations have to be discovered !!

The places to visit in Rajasthan have been gathered as indicated below.

 In Jaipur and its region, one will find :
The Jaipur outskirts with Amber, Gaitor, Jaigarh and Galta
The region of Jaipur with Abhaneri, Ajmer, Pushkar and Nimaj
Jaisalmer and the desert groups :
In the Jaisalmer area, Bara Bagh, Lodurva, Khuldara and Sam
In the region of Jaisalmer, the Bikaner, Pokharan and Barmer/Kiradu locations

In Jodhpur and its region, one will find Mandore and Osian

Udaipur and its region comprises the following localities :
Between Udaipur and Ranakpur, Eklingji, Nagda and Nathdwara
Toward East, one will find Ahar, Chittorgarh and Bijaipur
To South and Gujarat, there are Jagat, Jaisalmand and Dungarpur
Ranakpur and its surroundings gathers the Rajsamand Lake, Kumbalgarh, Narlai and Ghanerao
Bundi and its region includes Bijolia and Menal
While Kota and its region describe the sites of Baroli, Jhalawar and surroundings, as well as Kansuan

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Link to Rajasthan maps.

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