Tamil Nadu

Important notice : The places to visit in Tamil Nadu have been gathered as indicated below :
In Madras (Chennai) and its region, one will find Kanchipuram, Vellore, as well as Tiruttani and Uttaramerur. But Mahabalipuram, although not far from Madras (Chennai), 50 kms only, is presented on a separate page.
In Pondichery and its region, one will find Chidambaram, as well as Gingee and Tiruvanamalai.
Since most foreign tourists go directly from Pondichery to Tanjore, limiting themselves to a short stop at Chidambaram, we think useful to underline that a lot of beautiful places are worthwhile to visit on the way... This is why, on the page dedicated to Tanjore and its region, have been described Kumbakonam, Darasuram, and Gongaikondacholapuram. Be sure that there are many other lovely small places to discover in this Tanjore region !
Trichy, the summary name of Tiruchirappali, has been considered apart, although it is located on the highway linking Tanjore to Madurai. Between Trichy and Madurai, we have indicated some other useful locations.
Madurai is a big religious centre; from there, it's possible and profitable to proceed to Rameshvaram. In the Madurai outkirts, one will not forget to visit the Tiruparrankunram temple
The South of Tamil Nadu has much better to offer than an endless road to Kerala... One may visit Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari (also known as Cape Comorin), and other small inland localities.


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Attention. In Tamil Nadu, we come to more demanding visits. The prominence of temple visits in any touristic circuit leads us to mention many names of hindu deities, as well as specific terms of indian architecture.

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I like very much Tamil Nadu. All together because people are really pleasant, and because the way of life looks smoother than in some other indian regions.

Here, not any grandiose Mahârâja's Palace, no grand monument of the powerful Great Moghols, like in northern India. South, I mean Tamil Nadu, is typically characterized by its temples. Gigantic temples, full of dark areas and forbidden entries, temples with tallest pyramidal towers adorned by an incredible number of gods displaying all shapes and colors...

Yes, to visit Tamil Nadu and appreciate it, the foreigner must accept to forget his cultural references and to open himself to new experiences of life, sometimes quite unexpected.

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